24 /7 Monitoring & ITIL Management

Advanced support services

Working behind the scene

Preventing a problem is always better than dealing with it afterwards. At API, we offer round-the-clock monitoring and management to ensure your IT infrastructure is available and performing to the level expected and required to maintain your business. 

As your trusted IT advisor, we offer 24/7 support that takes care of the time-consuming and mundane IT activities, so you and your team can focus on higher value initiatives. Our always-on support team works behind the scenes to proactively monitor the health of your networks, servers, and applications in real-time. We operate on a foundation of ITIL-based processes enabled by API’s patented SaaS-based System Shepherd technology to identify, validate, and respond to issues before they become a significant event that results in costly downtime.

24/7 Monitoring and ITIL Management Service features:

Full IT Stack: From top to bottom, we’ll monitor your entire IT stack, including OS, hardware, database, network, and applications. With a deep understanding of the various interdependencies and relationships across your IT infrastructure, we’ll keep a watchful eye on your entire IT environment with end-to-end visibility.

Cross-technology expertise: Our team has advanced knowledge across a vast array of technologies—from the newest entrants on the scene to legacy IBM Power Systems, Microsoft Windows, and Unix applications. We’ll even monitor your data center environment for things like temperature, power, airflow, and humidity, to ensure your servers are in optimal working order.

Cross-platform expertise:
We offer a streamlined approach with single pane of glass visibility to monitoring performance across platforms, whether you’re operating on-premises, in a colocation facility, in the public cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

ITIL-based processes: With structured ITIL process integration, we’ll monitor changes, incidents, events, requests, and configuration across your IT environment.

Alarms and alerts: With automated incident alerts and notifications, we will respond to any incident anywhere in your IT ecosystem before it becomes a problem.

Patches & Updates: We take away the time-consuming work of monitoring, patching, and updates so you’re freed up to do higher value work

Advanced support services: We also offer break-fix services on an as-needed basis to support network and applications, as well as ongoing disaster recovery management services.

For more information about how API can help you maintain a healthy IT ecosystem with proactive monitoring and ITIL-based management, contact us here.