Absolute Performance, Inc. (API) has been recognized by IBM with their prestigious award for Leadership in Technology and Innovation

IBM Legacy Support & Modernization

(IBM i, AS400, AIX, z-Series)

The challenges in the modernization journey are many and include:

  • Continued support and performance of the current legacy environment
  • Hardware and software passing End of Life (EOL)
  • Reducing costly legacy spending, particularly capital expenditures
  • Unlocking the data often siloed in disparate systems
  • Reliability of High Availability and Disaster Recovery (DR) failover
  • Staffing support and training between legacy and newer technologies
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    How API Can Help

    API has collaborated with many customers in creating and executing results-based ROI roadmaps of their modernization journey and has deep experience in:

    • IBM Legacy Environments: IBM i (AS400), AIX and z-Series
    • The Quest for Modernization

    IBM Legacy Environments: IBM i (AS400), AIX and z-Series

    API’s capabilities and expertise spanning IBM Legacy environments are highlighted below:

    API’s Secure, Private IBM Legacy Cloud

    API’s state-of-the-art production and disaster recovery (DR) cloud environments are in secure facilities in Chicago, IL, and Louisville, KY, respectively.

    Extend End-of-Life Runways

    Migrate production, disaster recovery (DR) and development environments to our IBM legacy cloud environment.

    Eliminate Legacy Capital Expenditure

    Maintain legacy capacity as an operating or variable cost based on computing capacity used.

    Relocation / Sunsetting

    Migrate or sunset your existing platform into our IBM legacy cloud with long-term archival access, if required.

    Sustained Technology Support and Skills

    Utilize our depth and breadth of talent to continue your operations 24/7 and redeploy talent within the enterprise to modernization initiatives that are more strategic.

    Mitigate Regulatory Risk

    Maintain regulatory or audit compliance to industry or market standards.

    Renew or Sustain ITIL Processes

    Change management, documentation, incident management and reporting are key to sustaining operation and scalability.

    Cloud Based Power HA Diagram

    IBM Legacy Research & Development (R&D)

    Lastly, in order to sustain the IBM Legacy operating environments of our customers, API continues to invest in IBM Legacy support tools and automation.

    Accordingly, one of API’s offerings is that of Ublu Automation, a now-leading IBM i process automation engine regularly showcased at IBM Conferences.

    Furthermore, API has been recognized by IBM with its award for Leadership in Technology and Innovation for API’s commitment to ongoing research and development (R&D) for the sustained operation and optimization of IBM Legacy environments.

    API's Ublu Automation

    The Quest for Modernization

    In the customer quest for modernization, API has a proven track record in helping with this journey via strategy, technology and execution.

    Areas where API brings critical expertise:

    Strategy Formulation: A proven, structured approach for modernization strategy formulation
    Results and ROI: Link between business results and modernization efforts
    Technology Prowess: Command of a wide range of technologies and the experience to understand promises and perils of each
    Business Intelligence (BI): The application of tools and data to provide enhanced visibility for performance
    Data Warehouse: Delivery of a centralized data warehouse, generally required to migrate silos of often redundant information to a centralized store of data and reduce the “reads” and reporting burden on legacy environments
    Workflow Automation

    Digital Transformation

    In addition, API is experienced in the development and application of a wide range of digital technologies to transform customer operations to boost employee productivity and provide hard dollar ROI including:

    Payment Portals
    Email Contact
    SMS / Text Messaging
    Data Analytics
    Enhanced Screen Navigation and Functionality
    Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning